Project Description

Project Description

Demolition of existing buildings and build of a brand new 210 bedroom hotel with bar/cafe
in Birmingham City Centre.

Key Features

Restricted area with close proximity of surrounding buildings and highways. Façade retention of Grade
II listed building. Demolition of building to the rear of the façade.
Reconstruction of building incorporating original facade.
Constructed from a metsec cold rolled steel frame, the frame was completed in 22 weeks to allow
internal fit out to commence. Constructed through one of the coldest winters in history.
Installation of 3 passenger lifts, smoke vent shafts and fire compartment stairs.
All deliveries had to be coordinated to suit city centre conditions and a small compound area.

Construction Details

Start Date: April 2010
Completion Date: April 2011
Duration: 50 Weeks
Project Value: £7.2m